The ProSure Fund Member Benefits
Return of Premium Surplus and a Whole Lot More

See How Much You Could Save

Piggy Bank

One of our most attractive member benefits is our annual return of premium surplus. Private insurance can't compete with this money-saving incentive.

Since inception, more than $68,674,307* has been returned to members.

*Includes that portion of premiums not expended in the payment of claims/administration (as of February 2021).

Loss Control Strategies & Resources

The ProSure Fund members receive a variety of risk management services that can help lower their premiums, reduce their number of claims, and assist in lowering experience mods.

  • Monthly Safety Toolkits
  • Annual on-site risk control visit
  • Cost control strategies
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Web-based education and training materials
  • Helpful resources
  • Online forms
  • Claims review
  • Loss analysis
  • In-depth claims reporting with easy-to-understand graphs and charts

Nurse Case Management

A Nurse Case Manager provides the clinical experience to consult with facility administrators about claims patterns and trends. This service directly affects your bottom line. Costs are positively impacted with dramatic results:

  • Reduce indemnity payments by 20%
  • Lower medical payments by 10%
  • Decrease severity by 45%
  • Lessen total cost of claim by 17%

Individual Claims Handling

The Nurse Case Manager is available to assist with the following to help get your employees back to work as soon as possible:

  • Management of individual claims
  • Recommendations to preferred providers that specialized in workers' compensation
  • Coordination of appointments and treatments with appropriate specialists
  • Accompanying claimant to doctor appointments
  • Review claims patterns

Facilitate With Critical "Red Flag" Situations

The Nurse Case Manager is specifically trained to review claims for possible issues and can initiate actions towards resolution:

  • Frequent Injuries
  • Recurrent Illness
  • Lack of specific or clear diagnosis
  • "Doctor Shopping"
  • Claimant continues to treat with family physician when referral to specialist is appropriate
  • Treating physician delaying/prolonging treatment or Return to Work
  • Excessive testing or use of therapies
  • Complications to recovery
  • Questionable duration of disability

Customer Service Support

The ProSure Funds's helpful, knowledgeable staff is available to provide phone/email support for fund members on issues related to loss control, safety, and claims management.